The 118th United States Congress is slated to introduce bipartisan legislation – Accounting STEM Pursuit Act of 2023 – to recognize accounting as part of the STEM programs in schools. Under the Act, the accounting profession will become a part of the science, technology, engineering and mathematics curricula, reinforcing the clear and logical connection between accounting and technology.  It is anticipated the Senate companion bill will also be filed in the near future.   

The legislation would amend title IV of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 by adding “activities to promote the development, implementation and strengthening of programs to teach accounting, including increasing access to high-quality accounting courses for students through grade 12 who are members of groups that are typically underrepresented in accounting careers” to this act.  

This legislation will not only bring early exposure to the accounting profession for students in high school and younger, but will also strengthen the pipeline of a talented and diverse workforce – one that is needed to compete in a profession that continues to evolve. “The Accounting STEM Pursuit Act not only bolsters the connection between accounting and STEM, but also reinforces the joint NASBA/AICPA initiative that is leading the charge to adapt and advance the skill-set accountants need to compete in the current practice environment,” said Ken Bishop, NASBA President and CEO.   

As the profession continues to advance its use of technology to serve the public interest, and with the CPA Evolution Model Curriculum changing to meet that challenge, early exposure to the accounting profession will not only help prepare the next generation of CPAs, but will make it much easier for the profession to connect to students in a way that was not before possible. 

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