Author: Dina Barabash, Content Development & Web Specialist
Posted: Feb. 9, 2023

As 2023 continues to unfold, this is a good time to think about what you would like to achieve in the next few days, weeks or even months. Thinking about your goals and setting things into motion helps you to get organized, focused and on the road to achieving anything you put your mind to – like passing the CPA Exam.

It will be very helpful if you set SMART goals. What does this mean? SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound. Be specific when setting your goals. Get clear on exactly what it is you are working toward. Also, make sure the goal is measurable. Is there a way to measure the success of your goal or its completion? Additionally, make sure your goal is attainable and relevant to you, whether in the area of your education, career or professional growth. And lastly, set deadlines but be realistic. Be sure you have enough time for big goals and don’t give yourself too much time to procrastinate on the smaller ones.

Let’s focus for a moment on the attainable. Start small. By starting small, you will be able to grow your confidence and advance toward larger goals. For example, have you wanted to work out more often? Get healthier? Pass the next section of the Exam? Start small. Take a 30-minute walk a few times a week to start, cut-out sugary drinks during lunch or set aside a certain window of time each day for studying. By starting small, you can assess what you need to do each day or week without feeling overwhelmed. As you become comfortable with this routine, you can build on it.

Finally, track your progress. It is crucial to track your progress to know if you are making any and to understand how close or far you are from your goal. It may also be beneficial to have an accountability buddy. Ask someone you know and trust to help you stay on track by checking-in with you frequently to ensure you are staying focused and organized. Staying focused, positive and driven, can help you to reach each one of your 2023 goals.

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