Author: Dina Barabash, Content Development & Web Specialist
Posted: Dec. 14, 2022

Today, more and more employees are finding themselves working from home. Remote work has become commonplace and has changed the business world. Now, employees are able to enjoy the ease, comfort and convenience of working from home – or anywhere outside the office. With this new dynamic, how do employees remain engaged with their teams? Let’s review some great ways this is done.

Encouraging health and wellness! At the end of the day, if employees get sick, they won’t be able to perform at their highest level – or at all. Does your workplace have incentives in place for healthy habits? Is the team working toward a collective goal to get healthier? NASBA values employee health and wellness and has an incredible program in place to help employees reach and maintain their health goals. Your team can do the same! Encourage each other to exercise, make healthy meals, get outside, stretch, take breaks, and much more.

Engage employees from day one with an excellent onboarding program. Discuss company policy, culture, how to access documentation, training, technology and how certain communications programs are used and when. Also, be sure to spend enough time with the new hire. Help guide them and give them the proper information to set them off on the right foot. This will help new employees not only feel welcome, but also engage with co-workers more quickly and easily. Are you new and unsure about the work culture? Don’t be afraid to ask questions about your new environment. Many people are happy to offer advice to help you feel comfortable and adjust. You are sure to have lots of questions. What is the dress code? Can you listen to music at your desk? Is there a protocol for team meetings? What are the top coffee spots near the office? There is a lot to uncover but don’t be shy! Ask your manager or fellow staff members for advice and recommendations.

Lastly, incorporate fun! From friendly competitions, to showing your furry friend on camera, let your virtual meetings be more personable and light-hearted. Sharing laughs and smiles can help a team really come together, no matter where you may be working from these days. Speak to your supervisor or manager and suggest a fun and easy way everyone can enjoy something new. Because although we may be remote these days, it doesn’t mean we must be strangers.

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