The 2021-2022 NASBA Nominating Committee has nominated the following officers and directors to be voted on by the member Boards of Accountancy at the Annual Business Meeting in November:

Vice Chair

Stephanie M. Saunders (VA – Associate) 

Directors-at-Large (first year of three-year term) 

(first term) Katrina Salazar (CA- Delegate) 

(first term) Kenya Watts (OH – Delegate) 

(first term) Stephen Langowski (NY – Delegate) 

Regional Directors (one-year term), a Regional Director may serve three one-year terms 

(second term) Central Michael Schmitz (ND – Delegate) 

(first term) Great Lakes Gerald Weinstein (OH – Delegate) 

(first term) Middle Atlantic Arthur Winstead (NC – Delegate) 

(first term) Mountain Vikki Nunn (WY – Delegate) 

(first term)  Northeast Richard Silverman (NH – Delegate) 

(second term) Pacific Nancy J. Corrigan (CA – Delegate) 

(first term) Southeast Willie Sims (MS – Delegate) 

(third term) Southwest Lynn V. Hutchinson (LA – Delegate) 

The following NASBA Board members will continue to serve for the balance of their unexpired terms.  At-Large Directors may serve two three-year terms.  For purposes of Bylaws Section 4.5.7 compliance, an At-Large Director’s status as a delegate or associate is based upon their status when elected.

Directors-at-Large (second year of three-year term) 

(first term) J. Andy Bonner (TN – board appointment to fill Jack Dailey’s term) 

(second term) Maria E. Caldwell (FL – Delegate) 

(open position) (the Board will appoint someone to fill Stephanie Saunders’ term) 

Directors-at-Large (third year of three-year term) 

(second term) J. Coalter Baker (TX – Associate) 

(second term) Jimmy E. Burkes (MS – Associate) 

(first term) Nicola Neilon (NV – Associate) 

Richard Reisig (MT – Associate), 2021-2022 Vice Chair, will accede to the office of Chair. 

Mr. Fritz (OH – Associate) will accede to the office of Past Chair upon the installation of Mr. Reisig as Chair. 

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