Author: Dina Barabash, Content Development & Web Specialist
Posted: Aug. 5, 2022

When you plan to apply for a new position, the stacks can be high. Reasons for your job search can vary from a higher salary to a career shift. This process can be demanding, intensive and long. There are many challenges you may face on this journey, but there are ways to gain a bit of edge. Let’s begin by focusing on the first items you will need to submit – your cover letter and resume.

In addition to your resume, your cover letter helps employers learn so much more about you. And each one of those employers deserves your attention to detail and time. Therefore, using the same cover letter for every application is a mistake. Remember, your cover letter needs to be original and relevant to the person (and organization) reading it. Just as each position is different, so too should your cover letter.  Each letter should include the reader’s name, the title of your position of interest and specific examples of how your skills and experience will benefit the company.

Additionally, keep in mind that each point in your cover letter counts. As such, do not dwell in the past. Rather, focus on your current position and the one you are applying for currently. Regardless of the reason for your job search, don’t spend the limited space of your cover letter focusing on your past. This is especially true if you had a troubled relationship with your previous employer. You do not want to speak negatively of anyone when trying to make a good first impression.

While writing your cover letter, you want to limit wording. However, when writing your resume, more detail is encouraged. In fact, the more specifics and details you can include in each of your past roles, the better! Your resume shouldn’t simply state the obvious to a hiring manager. Employers need to understand what you’ve contributed and accomplished. So, add quantifying details to your list of past duties.

Lastly, avoid spelling and grammar errors. Spelling and grammar are indicators of two skills that are essential to any job: Attention to detail and communication. Even if the position you are applying for does not center around punctuation and grammar, hiring managers are paying attention to these skills on your resume. Show employers that you are a great communicator, pay close attention to detail and are the ideal fit for the position by following the tips mentioned above.

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