Author: Dina Barabash, Content Development & Web Specialist
Posted: April 26, 2022

Do you have a sense of adventure? If so, you may not have considered the accounting profession as a way to see more. From mountains to bustling cities, this profession can take you anywhere! NASBA’s Today’s CPA series explored the numerous areas and industries that the accounting profession covers, but did you know you can also experience the joy of adventure within the profession too?

Some of the ways to enjoy travel as a CPA is to become an auditor, work for an international firm or within the hospitality and tourism spaces. As an auditor, you may have the opportunity to work with many different clients, which means visiting and exploring new cities, staying in exciting places and acquiring frequent flier miles for future trips. If international travel is your desire, a great way to see the world is to work for one of the Big Four accounting firms. Their size and work scope will allow you the freedom to see the world! But if you would rather stay closer to home, the tourism and hospitality industry could be a great fit for you. There are many different growth opportunities in this area, and you may be afforded the opportunity to work with some of the most beautiful hotels in the country.

Additionally, you could become a traveling auditor. What does a traveling auditor do, exactly? A traveling auditor makes sure that company records are being prepared in an accurate manner. This auditor also examines a company’s tax system and finances to determine liability using knowledge of discounts, expenses, annuities, and stocks and bonds. Traveling auditors make sure that everything a business says about itself is accurate, like their inventory, securities, and checks. They also provide advice on the proper management of data, system reliability, integrity, etc. The best part? You are on the move!

Are you ready to get started on your journey to seeing the world? Before applying for the Uniform CPA Examination, familiarize yourself with the Candidate Guide. When you apply for the CPA Examination you will attest that you have read through the Candidate Guide.

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