Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Prometric has been following the advice of leading health organizations around the world (including the CDC and WHO) as well as guidance from Johns Hopkins University (JHU) epidemiologists and other third-party experts, when adapting its test center policies and training in light of COVID-19.

With vaccines more readily available in various parts of the world and spikes in cases occurring less frequently in whole geographies, many governments have made the decision to roll back various COVID-19 mandates and empower businesses to do the same. In association with these changes, ongoing learnings, and updates from experts, Prometric has made the decision to evolve its current test center operations to better align with the new normal.

Beginning August 2, 2021, Prometric will implement a phased evolution of test center operations, in which Prometric will return to or amend standard operating procedures that were in practice prior to the pandemic or were created as a result of the pandemic. It is important to note, should government guidance regress and become more restrictive, Prometric will realign its procedures with government restrictions to ensure the safety of candidates and test center staff.

Details regarding this phased approach are outlined below. Over the coming weeks and months, candidates are encouraged to visit Prometric’s COVID-19 Updates page, Test Center Policies page, What to Expect page, and FAQ Portal often for the latest test procedure updates.

As much of the world continues to emerge out of the grips of COVID-19, our actions over the next few months will serve as another step towards normalizing life post-pandemic. Prometric and NASBA appreciate your continued feedback and support during this sensitive time. Should you have any questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected].

PHASE I – Procedural Implementation (effective August 2, 2021)

Phase I will include the following procedural changes:

  • Prometric will continue to abide by government restrictions, where applicable.
  • Providing hand sanitizer for test takers and staff.
  • Retaining virtual walkthroughs.
  • Posting test center regulations (TCR) on the wall in high traffic areas of test centers.
  • No longer recording the last 4-digits of ID#s presented on candidate sign-in logs.
  • Empowering Prometric staff to enter check-in and check-out time for candidates exiting the testing lab. 

Additionally, Prometric will re-implement various standard procedures (where allowed) during Phase 1, resulting in the following updates to its test center operations:

  • Cleaning test centers at close of business, rather than after every exam administered.
  • Not requiring candidates to raise their hands to leave the testing room.
  • Removing social-distancing markers throughout the test center.
  • Reducing distance for candidate photos.
  • Returning all chairs and/or benches in the test center waiting rooms.
  • Scanning test takers with a handheld metal detection device prior to entering the testing room (with exception of exempt individuals).
  • Reverting to having candidates sign-in at reception and eyeglass check at the security checkpoint.
  • Returning to the three-color locker key tag policy to enforce client-specific locker access policies during an exam.
  • Enabling use of water fountains and water dispensers, where applicable.
  • Removing the requirement for candidate IDs in zip lock bags.
  • Using a single roster for sign-in and sign-out.

PHASE II – Procedural Implementation (effective September 1, 2021)

Phase II of Prometric’s return to modified test center operations will include the following:

  • Masks will no longer be required at Prometric Test Centers for vaccinated individuals, unless required by local government restrictions. Individuals who have not been vaccinated will still be required to wear masks at our test centers. Please note that this will be observed using the honor system, as TCAs will not be responsible for checking a candidate’s vaccination status. Vaccinated test takers and staff that wish to continue to wear a mask may do so.
  • Evolving test center signage to reflect new mask policies and to be more encompassing of best practices for all airborne illnesses, including cold, flu, etc.
  • No longer accepting IDs that are more than 90 days expired. Prometric will continue to accept IDs that have expired within 90 days of the exam date for the interim.

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