Today, May 19, is Accounting Day! To celebrate, NASBA is highlighting the number of actively licensed Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and potential future CPAs, as well as sharing advice from NASBA friends and employees who are CPAs. After all, on Accounting Day, what’s better than numbers and advice?  

What It Means to Have the CPA License

The journey to become a CPA is not an easy one, but the time and effort is worth it. A few NASBA employees and friends shared their thoughts on what the CPA license means to them.

“A degree in accounting is not enough. Go for the CPA even if you don’t want to work in public practice. The designation sets you apart from the crowd and indicates a willingness to work hard. Then maintain your license showing that you’re a true professional and lifelong learner.” – Lynn Hutchinson, CFO/Secretary-Treasurer of Lincoln Builders, Inc., and Southwest Regional Director, NASBA

“It’s wide open what you can do as a CPA, and if you want to work internationally, it provides an awesome opportunity for that. Because of the international reputation of the CPA license, there are companies all over the world seeking such licensed individuals.” – Michael Bryant, Senior Vice President & CFO, NASBA

“The CPA license opens many doors, even those that you cannot imagine today. I would never have thought I would have my own consulting firm teaching and counseling CPAs and others about the professional ethics standards, but here I am!” – Cathy Allen, Managing Member, Audit Conduct, and Director-at-Large, NASBA

“If you are on the fence, just do it. The license opens so many doors because people know what it takes to become a CPA. It sets you apart, and even if you aren’t going to be in public accounting, it demonstrates your proficiency. CPA on your resume can be a game changer. It’s the gold standard and it really does open doors and elevate you above the crowd.” – Colleen K. Conrad, Executive Vice President & COO, NASBA

“Becoming a CPA is an excellent career choice for women and can allow you the flexibility to have a family and have a successful and rewarding career.” – Stephanie Saunders, CPA, Shareholder, Saunders & Saunders PC, and Secretary, NASBA

Now it’s time for you to put some effort into celebrating this special day. Take a minute to phone your favorite CPA/accountant or take him/her out to lunch and wish them a “Happy Accounting Day.” Much has been accomplished by accounting professionals! After all, who else has the skills, knowledge and desire to turn messy accounts and books into beautiful, balanced numbers? It takes a special person – especially after the year we’ve all had!

Are you in the accounting field and want to take your accounting degree/career to the next level? Explore all the profession has to offer and find out what it takes to become a CPA!

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