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In 2019 there were 23,407 candidates who passed their final section of the four-section Uniform CPA Examination. NASBA’s Candidate Performance on the Uniform CPA Examination – 2019 Edition, is now available for sale and has been delivered to all State Boards of Accountancy. The 335-page study provides summary performance for candidates applying for each jurisdiction, with trending data for number of sections, number of unique candidates, average age and percent pass, university rankings and program accreditation statistics. It also has a section by section Exam performance report for 1,117 schools.

Of the 758 schools with 10 or more reported candidates, the institutions with the highest first-time pass rates for sections taken are listed in the chart below:

While some might guess Canada would the country from which the largest number of international 2019 CPA candidates came from (316), there are five countries that are home to more: Japan (2,248), India (1,392), China (1,079), Republic of Korea (1,074) and the United Arab Emirates (319). In total in 2019 there were 9,122 international candidates and 73,895 from the U.S. These and other interesting comparisons can be found in the report.

Data for the report was gathered from Board of Accountancy’s submissions of eligible candidate information into NASBA’s Gateway System, and then analyzed and assembled by editor Noel Winter Dedmon.

Sold in soft cover format, the 2019 Edition is available for $200. Orders can be placed through

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