The time is right to sign up for NASBA’s 2020-2021 committees.  All State Board members and NASBA associates are eligible to serve on NASBA’s committees.  Submissions are requested now  — even from those who are currently serving on NASBA committees.  All are required to submit a new form to indicate their interest in continuing to serve on a committee.

NASBA Vice Chair Carlos Barrera will be making committee assignments based on the information contained in the submitted forms.  He has requested that those who have a long –standing history on a particular committee consider applying for another committee on which they can add their expertise, experience and knowledge. 

Most of the committee work will be accomplished via virtual meetings and e-mail, but may also require in-person meetings when ordinary travel resumes. 

Committee interest forms can be found on For additional information, contact Noël Winter at [email protected].

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