Author: Dina Barabash, Content Development & Web Specialist
Posted: April 20, 2020

We now find ourselves in a new reality. Our living rooms are our new workplaces. Conference calls are now virtual. And we must manage our time on the clock differently. So, how do you stay productive and continue to meet your deadlines? Some may find it difficult to work remotely, because although there is more flexibility and freedom, there is more flexibility and freedom. Employees must maintain productive schedules and remain diligent in their workday outside of the office. Some may not find this as easy or second nature as others. For this reason, we would like to offer a few tips during this unusual time.

One key element to working remotely, is consistency. Maintaining a routine will help you stay focused while working from home. Begin by making your bed to start the day in a productive way that also sets the tone for your day. Then designate times to answer emails around your meetings and calls, begin new tasks and even when to take breaks, such as taking a lunch or moments to stretch your legs and drink plenty of water.

Another tip is to anticipate disruptions and distractions, and plan ahead. Speak to family members or roommates about the hours you are working from home and the ground rules during those hours. Remember, although you are working from the comfort zone of your home, you are still working and need to remain dedicated and attentive. If necessary, silence your phone, turn off unnecessary electronics, including the television, and turn off notifications for social media.

Perhaps most importantly, you must maintain the mindset that you are “at work.” This time, although unusual, should not be a vacation. Continue to act as you did when you were commuting to your office. Set your alarm at your normal time, maintain similar hours and treat your work with the same regard as you did before you began working remotely. This mindset will help you maintain consistency and avoid the inevitable distractions that could sneak in if you were not prepared.

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