Leaders, dreamers, CPAs, interns, go-getters…We Are NASBA. Inside the walls of NASBA are people you may talk to via email, phone, face-to-face or through social media, at various times throughout the CPA lifecycle. These individuals each have a story – stories that are unique to each person – on how they came to NASBA and what they currently do at NASBA. Our diverse group of teammates work hard each day, ensuring NASBA’s mission and vision are realized, and more importantly, serving you. We selected a handful of talented individuals who want to share their story with you, and we are excited to be showcasing a few leaders who truly represent…We Are NASBA.

Alfonzo Alexander

Chief Ethics and Diversity Officer, NASBA; President, NASBA Center for the Public Trust
Championing Sustainable Leadership Efforts at NASBA and Nationwide

Colleen K. Conrad, CPA

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, NASBA
An Accounting Class in High School Eventually Leads CPA to a C-Suite Opportunity at NASBA

Adam Herjeczki

Manager, Testing Accommodations/ADA Compliance, NASBA
An Acquired Passion Leads to Helping CPA Exam Candidates with Disabilities Succeed in Testing

Elizabeth Goodowens

Manager, Customer Service and Resource Center, NASBA
Longtime NASBA Customer Service Guru Works Continuously to Improve Experience for CPA Exam Candidates

Wael Abouzeid

Bilingual Coordinator, NASBA
Dreams of One NASBA Employee Lead to Helping CPA Exam Candidates Accomplish Their Dreams of Becoming a CPA


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