The answers to frequently asked questions about why professional regulation matters can be found on the Alliance for Responsible Professional Licensing’s (ARPL) website: Formed to educate policy makers and the public on the importance of clear, responsible licensing standards for the professions, ARPL is supported by NASBA, the AICPA, the American Institute of Architects, American Society of Civil Engineers, Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards, National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying, and the National Society of Professional Engineers.

The website provides answers to questions such as: How does licensing protect consumers and the public? Is there really a call to eliminate professional licensing? Aren’t there some licensing requirements that are excessive? Doesn’t licensing limit competition?

State Boards will be receiving communications tools and ideas to help drive a coordinated, national communications and engagement strategy to explain the importance of professional licensing and what’s at risk if licensing is weakened.

Contact NASBA Director of Legislative and Governmental Affairs John Johnson ([email protected]) for additional information.

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