State Board Report

May 2017

A campaign to cut licensing requirements has been launched by Arizona Governor Douglas A. Ducey. His stated aim is to modernize the licensing system and remove unnecessary barriers to employment. Besides issuing an executive order in February to require licensing boards, including the Board of Accountancy, to review all their requirements for each type of license they issue, the Governor has launched “Regulation Rollback,” an on-line service that allows those in the state to submit their ideas for improving or eliminating outdated regulations directly to the Governor. His goal is to remove 500 regulations by the end of 2017.

The Rollback material states: “You send it and we’ll see it, because big things can happen when government gets out of the way of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship.”

Arizona’s boards have also been required to report how many applicants with criminal convictions were denied licenses due to character concerns for each of the past five years.

Director of Legislative and Governmental Affairs John Johnson will be leading panel sessions on “Anti-Regulation Legislation Impacting the Profession” at NASBA’s June Regional Meetings, when attendees will be encouraged to report on anti-regulatory trends in their jurisdictions. See NASBA’s monthly Legislative E-News on for latest legislative developments. Mr. Johnson has announced a stepped up effort to have all participants in NASBA respond to a Key Person Contact Program questionnaire in order to identify those who have personal or professional relationships with any elected member of state or federal government.

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