April 24, 2019

In March 2019, NASBA began the process of transitioning from the legacy CPEtracking platform to the new CPE Audit Service. Data from the legacy system has been migrated to the new platform into each CPA’s account. We are ready to begin opening up the new platform to the CPAs!

Over the next few weeks, on the date selected by each Board, CPAs will begin receiving letters or an email with registration information for the CPE Audit Service. These communications will be sent to the address or email address that is on file with the State Board of Accountancy. The access information needed to register the CPA account will be included in the registration communication.

In addition, we created a video tutorial to accompany the communication – please review this information prior to or in tandem with beginning the registration process:

Within the account, the CPA can enter in coursework and attachments for completed CPE, review their compliance against their state’s CPE rules and submit their compliance report in response to an audit by their Board if necessary.

We have created a series of Help videos that can be accessed by clicking the Help tab once a CPA is logged into the system. We hope these videos help CPAs more easily navigate and use the system.

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