State Board members, State Board executive directors and NASBA associates the time is now to tell NASBA if you are interested in serving on a 2019-2020 NASBA Committee. Though the 2018-2019 NASBA committee members still have plenty to do before their assignments expire, planning for the 2019-2020 NASBA year by Vice Chair Laurie Tish is due to begin soon. The committee interest form can be accessed through the member portal ( and questions should be addressed to Noël Winter ([email protected]).

Current committee members should submit their committee interest forms to let NASBA know if they want to continue to serve on their present committee or would be interested in working with another one. Those with a long-standing history on a particular committee are being asked to consider applying for new committees.

A list of the committees and their anticipated time commitments can be found via the member portal. Most of the committees’ work is accomplished via e-mail and calls, but some face-to-face meetings may be required.

“NASBA’s committees are the bodies that keep NASBA a vital organization,” Ms. Tish commented. “They uphold the association’s structure, take ideas and convert them into practical strategies, and create the vision for NASBA’s future.”

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