Alfonzo Alexander

The Kansas Board of Accountancy has become the first Board to work with the NASBA Center for the Public Trust to add to the CPT’s three-module Ethical Leadership Training Resource Program a fourth module, covering its state’s law and rules. It has been three years since the Missouri State Board of Accountancy began talking about using the NASBA Center for the Public Trust’s Ethical Leadership Training Resource Program as part of their licensee discipline program, now nine states are doing the same, CPT President Alfonzo Alexander told the executive directors’ conference. The three-module program provides a way to help Accountancy Boards “change the behaviors of individuals,” Mr. Alexander observed.

“This is not a continuing professional education course: The nine Boards are not giving credit for it,” Mr. Alexander underscored. The states assign the individuals to complete the course. The CPA then registers for the course and the Board gets a report from NASBA on which individuals are taking the program. The interactive program includes a quiz every 15 minutes that the individual must pass to complete the program and their score is calculated. Upon completion, the individual will receive a certificate to submit to his or her Board.

There is no charge to the State Board for this program. NASBA absorbs the development cost, including for a state-specific module. The three-module program costs the CPA $250 and the four-module is $400. These fees go to the CPT to support its student programs as well as its accounting ethics training resources.

In addition, the CPT is working with the South Carolina Board of Accountancy to develop the contents for an ethics program for its licensees that will meet the state’s specific needs. Mr. Alexander said the content follows an outline that was developed by the South Carolina Board and will be made available to vendors when it is completed.

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