Author: Dina Barabash, Content Development and Web Specialist, NASBA
Posted: November 20, 2018

Prior to Thanksgiving, a national holiday centered around gratitude and thankfulness, let’s take a moment to examine why we should all be thankful for certified public accountants (CPA). Sure, the public may be most thankful for CPAs during tax season, but at NASBA, we are thankful for them all year long! From auditors to financial advisors, we are thankful for every kind of CPA. Below, are three reasons why we should all be thankful for CPAs:

1. They’re on your side! Whether you are trying to reduce your debt, save for a child, manage inheritance or start a new business venture, a CPA will know how to help you succeed in your goals. You may not have all the answers or know where to begin, but your CPA will know exactly how best to proceed. So, don’t wait until April to speak to a CPA!

2. They’re trusted public servants! There is a difference between accountants and CPAs – and it includes passing the rigorous CPA Exam. The Exam helps to ensure that only the most qualified individuals serve as CPAs. In addition to passing the Exam, CPAs commit themselves to years of real-world training and hours of continuing professional education (CPE). This level of dedication, experience and proficiency in the profession enables CPAs to be trusted financial professionals.

3. They’re industry experts! Each year, CPAs are responsible for completing CPE hours to stay abreast of changing laws, trends and emerging issues impacting accounting. You may not know all the ins and outs, but your CPA can provide insight and guidance related to your business or personal financial needs. ! Their extensive and timely knowledge of the accounting profession will position you and/or your business for success.

So, thank a CPA and have a happy Thanksgiving!

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