The Federal Trade Commission released its staff report on “Options to Enhance Occupational License Portability” in September, including a description of the provisions that were added to the Uniform Accountancy Act to enhance interstate mobility for CPAs.

The FTC comments: “Although the ULC [Uniform Law Commission] has not undertaken any projects on occupational licensure portability, a uniform act could be a good vehicle for such an initiative, because uniform acts have the backing of the ULC and are generally more widely adopted than ULC model laws that do not receive such support.”

The FTC report, which is meant to guide state policy makers, states: “Some professions have developed model laws or interstate compacts that improve licensure portability nationwide. These examples of successful portability suggest further liberalization and reform is both possible and beneficial.”

Among its other suggestions, the report tells stakeholders: “Harmonize state licensure standards, using the least restrictive standard that can gain the support of states nationwide.”

Tara Isa Koslov, FTC Chief of Staff-Office of the Chairman, will be addressing NASBA’s Annual Meeting later this month.

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