After carefully considering the feedback gathered at the 2018 Regional Meetings, NASBA’s Regional Directors determined the advantages of having two Regional Meetings outweighed those of having one combined Regional Meeting, A combined meeting had been suggested by several executive directors, which resulted in a special telephonic meeting of the NASBA Board of Directors on May 21 that concluded the idea should be brought to the Regional Meetings for discussion. Careful notes were taken at all the Regional breakout sessions at the Regional Meetings, and letters commenting on the proposed change were also sent to President and Chief Executive Officer Ken Bishop.

“You look at the high marks this year’s Regional Meetings received, and the comments we got about the valued intimacy of those meetings and the Regional breakout sessions, and that made us want to keep the two separate meetings,” Relations with Member Boards Committee Chair and Middle Atlantic Regional Director Stephanie M. Saunders told the NASBA Board of Directors on July 20. In planning future meetings, the Regional Directors advised NASBA to give added time to the highly valued Regional breakout sessions, when Board members from other states freely address common concerns.

Ms. Saunders also commented on the lively discussions of the proposed technology pathway that took place at both Regional Meetings. She observed that most of the Regions concluded “that dog ain’t gonna hunt,” as President Bishop had concluded in his July 2018 “President’s Memo,” but are ready to explore some other approaches that recognize the increasing importance of technology to the profession.

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