In response to calls for public comment, NASBA Chair Theodore Long, Jr., and President Ken L. Bishop have submitted comment letters pertaining to the following exposure drafts:

  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Professional Ethics Executive Committee
    Information System Services
  • Securities and Exchange Commission
    Auditor Independence with Respect to Certain Loans or Debtor-Creditor Relationships
  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Assurance Services Executive Committee
    Criteria for Evaluating the Integrity of a Set of Data
  • International Federation of Accountants, International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants
    IESBA Proposed Strategy and Work Plan 2019-2023.
    Copies of these response letters can be found on
    Thanks for their assistance in the development of these letters to the members of the:
  • Regulatory Response Committee – W. Michael Fritz (OH) – Chair, Alan R. Augenstein (AZ), Kevin Collins (CO), David D. Duree (TX), Gaylen R. Hansen (CO), Tracy Harding (ME), Matthew J. Howell (MI), Richard Isserman (NY), Karen R. Saunders (WA), L. Samuel Williams, Jr. (NC) and Carleton L. Williams (HI);
  • Ethics Committee – Catherine R. Allen (NY) – Chair, Barry M. Berkowitz (PA), Wm. Hunter Cook (NC), Robert F. Fay (OH), John McManus (DE), Thomas G. Neill (WA), Michael L. Nickerson (ME), Richard Silverman (NH), Jesus Socorro (FL), Lydia M. Washington (NY), Michael D. Weatherwax (CO), Judy C. Wetherbee (TN) and Alan Wilensky (MN);
  • Standard-Setting Advisory Committee – (Richard N. Reisig (MT) – Chair, Matthew P. Bosher (VA), Scott Dockins (ID), Timothy F. Egan (CT), Keri A. Ellis (PA), Gaylen R. Hansen (CO), Nelson K.M. Lau (HI), and Michael P. Rollage (PA).

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