As 43 Boards of Accountancy adopt in whole or in part the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct, upcoming changes and considered changes to the Code are important to Board members, NASBA Ethics Committee Chair Cathy Allen (NY) stated. “We want to ensure our code is a stringent one that will protect the public,” she told the Regional Meetings. The Code is determined by the AICPA’s Professional Ethics Examination Committee (PEEC), which includes as NASBA representatives on the 20-member PEEC: Ms. Allen, J. Coalter Baker (TX), A. Carlos Barrera (TX), Sharon A. Jensen (MN), and Stephanie M. Saunders (VA).

Ms. Allen told the Regional Meetings that the following PEEC projects are pending:

  • Noncompliance with laws and regulations (NOCLAR)
  • State and local government affiliates
  • Information system services
  • Leases standard
  • Independence application to agreed upon procedures and selected procedures
  • Staff augmentation.

    The PEEC is influenced by global standard setters, including the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA), Ms. Allen explained. Topics IESBA is presently considering include: the impact of fees (too high, too low, or for non-attest services), non-assurance services, professional skepticism and the IESBA strategy and work plan 2019-2023.

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