Prometric will be opening test centers in: Marquette, MI; Texarkana, AR; Yakima, WA; Albany, GA; Redding, CA; Lake Charles, LA; and Santa Maria, CA, reported Prometric Director Kim Farace at the Executive Directors Conference. BPEA, a global investment firm, acquired Prometric from the Educational Testing Service as of January 29, 2018. Ms. Farace said Prometric is investing $3.7 million in ProAdmin to replace its site administration software, enabling a more candidate-centric administrative process, and $2.3 million in ProScheduler to enhance candidate scheduling capabilities. Overall, through 2017-2018 the company is investing $30.5 million in technology infrastructure and software improvements.

Coming in summer 2018, the ProScheduler will allow candidates to use their phones and tablets to register and schedule their tests. They will be able to search for a seat by date and location, and there will be a wide range of dates offered across a group of geographically adjacent test centers.

Uniform CPA Examination testing accommodations were approved for 465 candidates in 2017, a drop from 564 approved in 2016. Popularly requested accommodations included: time and a half, private room, handheld calculator, and multi-day testing.

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