Author: Dina Barabash, Content Development and Web Specialist
Posted: February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today, many will express their love for their spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend or love-interest. NASBA would like to take this time to express its love for…all CPAs! Many NASBA members and staff are CPAs, and they have shared with us why they love what they do! Be sure to celebrate the holiday by reading their responses below.

“As a CPA, I love belonging to a respected profession. In my current position, being a CPA provides a unique perspective. I have great satisfaction in knowing that my work benefits the profession and the public.”

Jessica Luttrull, CPA
Nashville, TN

“I love the client interaction!”

Donny Burkett, CPA
Burkett CPAs
Columbia, SC

“I love being a CPA, as I am a problem solver and provide solutions related to tax. I am passionate about client service, relationships and connections!”

Dolly Lalvani, CPA
Harrisburg, PA

“For me, it is the recognition from the public of what a CPA is – a trusted professional who helps people and companies meet their financial goals.”

Jimmy Corley, CPA
Arkansas State Board of Public Accountancy
Little Rock, AR

“I love being a CPA because it opens the door to opportunities to serve in a variety of positions I enjoy and to use skills and abilities that are very satisfying.”

Sandra Davidson, CPA
Nashville, TN

“I love helping my clients with their tax planning and compliance. Through my relationship with them, I can also plan for their education, retirement and estate goals.”

Stephanie Saunders, CPA
Saunders & Saunders PC
Virginia Beach, VA

“Being a CPA gives me the opportunity to serve others at a higher recognized level and make a positive contribution to society.”

James Kelley, CPA
JGK & Associates
Bloomingdale, IL

“I love being a CPA because I love helping people solve their problems and being the person they seek out for advice.”

Carlos Barrera, CPA
Carr Riggs & Ingram LLC
Brownsville, TX

“Constant learning and new challenges make my life interesting and sharpen the mental machine. Keeping up with technology impacts on the profession helps me keep up with my teenager’s tech knowledge!”

Michael Bryant, CPA
Nashville, TN

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