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NASBA’s Reorganization Impact Task Force (RITF) met on December 4 in Nashville to discuss comments gathered to date from State Boards, including notes from the 2017 Annual Meeting’s Regional Breakfasts. The Task Force was appointed by 2016-2017 NASBA Chair Telford Lodden to identify and clearly define the concerns and issues of NASBA’s constituent Boards resulting from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ restructuring under the umbrella entity of the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants. The task force is chaired by John F. Dailey, Jr. (NJ), who announced the task force will be conducting a survey and continue to solicit comments and concerns from all interested stakeholders.

The RITF has been asked to present a report at the NASBA Board’s January 2018 meeting. Chair Dailey commented: “Some Boards have reported issues ranging from confusion over acronyms and logos to legal and contractual issues resulting from the reorganization. Other comments stated the reorganization has not presented to date any challenge that they can’t overcome. We want to identify questions concerning the reorganization in order to see what can be done to enable all Boards to be comfortable with the newly formed Association.” Mr. Dailey encouraged the Boards to continue to send the task force’s liaison Alfonzo Alexander ( their comments about confusion, political concerns, legislative legal concerns and/or contractual legal concerns. The Task Force seeks to receive as many comments as possible by December 29.

Members of the task force include: Brie Allen, Janet Booker Davis (TN), Wayne Geher (NH), Wade Jewell (VA), David Miller (MS), Nicola Neilon (NV) and Randall Ross (OK).

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