New, Improved Quarterly Enforcement Reports

In July and September, NASBA released to Executive Directors the Quarterly Enforcement Report for the second and third quarters of 2017, respectively. The report compiles information from federal agencies regarding disciplinary and enforcement matters involving CPAs or CPA firms that might be of interest to boards. It includes information gathered from SEC Accounting & Auditing Enforcement Reports and Litigation Releases, IRS Bulletins, PCAOB Disciplinary Reports, and AICPA websites and publications.

The latest editions of the report feature improvements to help make the data included in the document more accessible, and easier to sort, search, and manage. Here is what’s new:

• Each data source now has its own tab.

• Within each tab, data may be sorted by using the column filters, indicated by an inverted triangle in the lower right corner of each column header.

• The tabs for PCAOB Disciplinary Reports, SEC Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Releases, and SEC Litigation Releases include a new “Issue(s)” column that provides a quick reference for the main issue(s) of each case.

• The SEC Litigation Releases data now includes a link to the SEC complaint affiliated with the release.

• Firms dropped from the AICPA peer review program for noncooperation have been added to the “AICPA Peer Review Board Meeting Minutes” tab.

Based on comments from the Boards, we limit distribution of this report to Executive Directors to ensure that this report does not conflict with any anonymity requirements within the disciplinary process of various Boards. If you are and Executive Director who would prefer not to receive quarterly enforcement reports in the future, please let us know and your board will be removed from the mailing list.

Questions? Please contact NASBA’s Regulatory Affairs Manager at [email protected].

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