Leaders, dreamers, CPAs, interns, go-getters…We Are NASBA. Inside the walls of NASBA are people you may talk to via email, phone, face-to-face or through social media, at various times throughout the CPA lifecycle. These individuals each have a story – stories that are unique to each person – on how they came to NASBA and what they currently do at NASBA. Our diverse group of teammates work hard each day, ensuring NASBA’s mission and vision are realized, and more importantly, serving you. We selected a handful of talented individuals who want to share their story with you, and we are excited to be showcasing a few leaders who truly represent…We Are NASBA.

Darius Lewis

Finance and Staff Accountant Intern
College Student Lands NASBA Internship to Pursue Dreams of Becoming a CPA and Leader

Leona Johnson

Accountancy Licensing Library Manager
A Passion to Help CPA Candidates Succeed Turns into a Career at NASBA

Sheena Murphy

Director, CPA Examination Review Board
Despite Initial Roadblocks, This NASBA CPA Conquered the Exam and Continues to Blossom in Her Career

Shelly Crosby

Manager, Licensing Services
Managing all Phases of the CPA Lifecyle

Michael Bryant

Senior Vice President & CFO
NASBA CPA Turned CFO (and Improv Comedy Guru) Reflects on the Rewarding Path to the Top

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