State Board Report

May 2017

NASBA’s Past Chairs have been outstanding people but fortunately, or unfortunately, they have seldom received the national media attention recently garnered by K. Michael Conaway, NASBA Chair 2002-2003. As President Donald Trump called for the investigation of Russian influence on the 2016 presidential election, someone used to handling tough jobs was needed to lead the House Intelligence Committee’s project. Congressman Conaway (R-TX) was put in charge of that effort.

Press coverage of Congressman Conaway’s appointment to that lead role has made reference to his being presiding officer of the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy when Arthur Andersen’s firm license was revoked, his assistance in uncovering embezzlement in the National Republican Congressional Committee, and his serving on the House Ethics Committee that recommended discipline against Congressman Charles Rangel.

Attendees at many of NASBA’s recent Annual Meetings have had the opportunity to speak with Congressman Conaway and learn about how some of the same skills he used as a NASBA leader are being applied to his work in Congress. Mr. Conaway may have been the first NASBA chair to have compared getting the State Boards of Accountancy to consensus to “herding cats.”

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