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State Board Report

March 2017

Regional Directors for all eight of NASBA’s Regions held conference calls since the January Board of Directors’ meeting to bring the member Boards news of what the Board is planning, NASBA’s activities, and what is happening legislatively, as well as to gather information from the Boards on what is currently happening in their states. The Regional Directors, State Board Chairs and Executive Directors were joined on their calls by NASBA Vice President – State Relations Dan Dustin and Director of Legislative and Governmental Affairs John Johnson for an overview of state house and federal legislative trends. Regions will have an opportunity for face-to-face meetings at the June Regional Meetings and the next group of conference calls will be held following the July Board of Directors meeting.

Among the activities the Boards’ representatives mentioned during the calls were:

  • Georgia – With the assistance of the NASBA Communications Department, the Board launched its first newsletter in several years.
  • Iowa – The Board is adopting by reference the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct.
  • Maryland – The Board has redesigned its website to be more user-friendly.
  • Montana – The Board passed firm mobility legislation.
  • Nebraska – The Board is now accepting more elective courses from junior colleges to meet the 150-hour requirement.
  • North Carolina – The Board has added an electronic complaint form to its website.
  • North Dakota – The Board is discussing making a change to address non-CPA credentials.
  • Oklahoma – The State continues to discuss consolidation of boards.
  • Oregon – The Board released clarification on what work “retired” and “inactive” CPAs can do.
  • West Virginia – The Board named the NASBA International Evaluation Service (NIES) to be its exclusive provider of international experience evaluation.
  • Wyoming – The Board is looking for a new vendor for a licensing management support system.

Messrs. Dustin and Johnson reported to each Region on the trends in legislation occurring in their neighboring states and the nation. They thanked all for sharing their information on the calls. Representatives of the NASBA Communications Committee spoke during the calls inviting all State Boards to take advantage of the free services they can provide. Currently 26 Boards have newsletters prepared by the Communications Department and others use them for e-mail blasts, videos and public service ads.

Moderating the calls were: Catherine Allen (NY), Northeast Regional Director; J. Coalter Baker (TX), Southwest Regional Director; Maria E. Caldwell (FL), Southeast Regional Director; Sheldon Holzman (IL), Great Lakes Regional Director; Stephanie S. Saunders (VA), Middle Atlantic Regional Director; Sharon A. Jensen (MN), Central Regional Director; Edwin G. Jolicoeur (WA), Pacific Regional Director; and Nicola Neilon (NV), Mountain Regional Director.

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