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April 15, 2015

To Board of Accountancy Chairs/Presidents; Executive Directors; Delegates and Associates:

NASBA is currently seeking interested individuals to submit their interest in serving as a representative from one of the following regions: Southwest, Mountain, Northeast and Great Lakes Regions. If you are interested and qualified to serve in this very important capacity, we ask that you submit your name for consideration. Any qualified member can directly submit their interest to NASBA.

Nominating Committee Recommendations

At the 2015 Regional Meetings in June, regions will select an elected member and an alternate member (in the event the elected member cannot serve) to serve on the Nominating Committee from 2015 to 2017. The terms of the Nominating Committee members are staggered so that half of the regions hold elections each year.

As provided in the NASBA Bylaws, Nominating Committee members may serve two complete terms in succession. The term begins immediately following the Business Session of the 2015 Annual Meeting. 

The membership of the Nominating Committee shall consist of the Past Chair, who shall serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee, and one member from each region elected. Additionally, please note that every state board and its region is responsible for electing their Nominating Committee representative. It is important that each region be represented. Therefore, we urge you to give this matter high priority. The time commitment for this position entails two in-person meetings a year, with one in March or April and the other at a NASBA Regional Meeting. Attendance at both June Regional Meetings is recommended.

The deadline for receiving these nominations is Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Please send your letter of interest AND biographical information/resume to Anita Holt, Nominating Committee, via mail to NASBA, 150 Fourth Avenue North, Suite 700, Nashville, TN 37219, via fax to 615-880-4291 or via e-mail to:

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