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November 7, 2012

On Nov. 7, NASBA Executive Vice President and COO, Colleen Conrad, CPA, visited Japan to further strengthen relations with key stakeholders including: Prometric, review course providers, members of the press, as well as reach out to candidates about the opportunities provided by the U.S. CPA credential and to raise awareness of both the credential and the international administration of the U.S. CPA Examination.

Conrad participated in several meetings, and was very active in discussing multiple areas of interest, including steps the AICPA and NASBA could consider to help simplify administrative processes for candidates from Japan, the global value of the CPA credential and the typical career path of CPAs. In one of the informative sessions, Conrad spoke to about 60 CPA candidates and potential candidates.

In August, NASBA and the AICPA marked the one year anniversary of the launch of the U.S. CPA Examination at test sites in Japan and the Middle East.

“The U.S. CPA license is a clear sign of an individual’s expertise and commitment, and with the Exam now administered in Japan we foresee further growth in demand from both candidates and employers,” said Hiroshi Miyamasu of the Japan Society of U.S. CPAs (JUSCPA), a nationwide organization of U.S. CPAs who are principally employed or reside in Japan.

For more on the international administration of the CPA exam, visit the international section of our website.

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