Publication: Journal of Accountancy 
Published: June 2012
Author: Ken Tysiac

In celebration of the AICPA’s 125th anniversary, the Journal of Accountancy set out to identify 125 people who have made a significant impact on the profession since 1887, the year the organization that would become known as the AICPA was founded. Former President and CEO of NASBA, David Costello, CPA, made the list.

"I am grateful to the AICPA and am indeed privileged and honored to be included in the list of "125 people of impact in accounting," said Costello. "To even be in the conversation of influence with folk of legendary renown such as Arthur Andersen, Arthur Young, Elijah Watts Sells and more currently Marvin Strait, James Turley, Barry Melancon, and Olivia Kirtley is a singular and distinctive tribute which I must share with many who’ve been so influential in my accounting career. Accounting is a tremendous profession anchored by the highest ethical and integrity standards and performance in the world."

"From the commencement of my accounting career with Ernst & Ernst ( Ernst & Young) leading to industry management and culminating with the great people of NASBA, I have been blessed to simply have played a role in advancing the accounting profession, its appropriate regulation and its bedrock of ethics and integrity."

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125 People of Impact in Accounting

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