Author: Alfonzo D. Alexander, NASBA Chief Relationship Officer
Posted: July 21, 2011

When NASBA set out to rebuild and upgrade its website, a primary goal was to create an engaging, integrated look and feel that would establish a more defined brand image for NASBA. To that end, our team created a website palette with a vibrant mix of colors, white space and strategic logo placement, themes that will now carry over into all of our existing and planned multimedia and communications initiatives.

Why the focus on appearance, as well as on content? Because branding is as important to us as it is to any business. It’s particularly important for us, because in different segments of the market, we are known for different things:

  • In the world of regulators, we are a support to the 55 U.S. boards of accountancy. We provide varying levels of support to them in our efforts to help enhance their effectiveness. Including from best practice exchanges, legislative support and other areas, we strive to help keep our member boards informed and respected throughout the world.
  • In the world of CPA Exam candidates, we are known for the role we play in giving the CPA exam. We are the organization that candidates have to work with to sit for the exam, and we publish the scores for many states. This role is a huge part of what we do and it is often the first time individuals encounter NASBA.
  • On the professional and regulatory sides of the world, we have numerous programs and initiatives designed to protect the public, focusing on the compliance of CPAs and CPA firms already active in the profession. The needs of this audience are very different from the needs of a CPA candidate.

Often, one side doesn’t know about the work that we do and the services we provide for the other. By crafting a compelling visual look, we can begin to tie those two separate, yet connected, audiences together.

Our visual look, as well as the content of our messaging materials, provides a total brand image that showcases NASBA’s role as a trusted resource for regulation and professional services. We are ensuring that students know they can get involved with us as a candidate for the CPA exam, then go to work and come back to us for to help identify their requirements for licensure and continuing education for the remainder of their career.

We want to be a one-stop shop for CPAs throughout their careers. Therefore, branding is important for us to get the right messages out to all of the audiences we serve, and help them see the connection that we offer as they migrate through their professional life.

We feel very confident that having a similar structure and approach in all our materials will allow people to connect with us. We also know that there are enough differences to allow the right audience to find, and utilize, the appropriate services that NASBA offers them.

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