Karen F. Turner, CPA, Ph.D., Moderator
Billy M. Atkinson, CPA, Moderator
Panelists: Mary E. Barth, CPA, Ph.D.
John A. Elliott, CPA, Ph.D.
Kevin D. Stocks, CPA, Ph.D.

Panelists will address the following issues and encourage questions from the audience:

  1. The 150-hour curriculum
    • How the program is structured in different schools
    • Courses required by school
    • Courses required by state
    • Link to Uniform CPA Examination
    • Why 150 hours are needed
  2. Distance learning and evaluating education from outside the US
    • Using on?line and in?class approaches for teaching content and skills
    • Evaluating on?line courses and on?line degrees
    • Evaluating courses taught abroad and students educated abroad
  3. Finding qualified faculty
    • Attracting Ph.D.’s
    • Retaining experienced educators
    • Utilizing those with experience in public accounting or industry

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