NASHVILLE, TN (March 10, 2011) — Ken L. Bishop, Executive Vice President and COO, in partnership with AICPA, Prometric and the Abu Dhabi Accounting Authority (ADAA) will meet with regulators from the United Arab Emirates and surrounding countries of the gulf region, as well as, international review course providers, members of academia from the region,international accounting firms, local and international press and government officials to educate the region on the U.S. CPA Examination administrations beginning August 2011.

“I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet with our associates in accounting regulation and examination delivery in the Middle East during my visit to the United Arab Emirates to discuss the local delivery of the Uniform CPA Examination later this year. The business and financial relationships between the Middle East region and the United States are long held. It is appropriate that the historical initiative to deliver the Uniform CPA Examination outside of the United States begins here,” said Ken L. Bishop, NASBA’s Executive Vice President & COO.

Approximately 125 persons will be in attendance at the two sessions to be held on March 14, 2011, in Abu Dhabi and on March 16 in Dubai. For more information, please email Thomas G. Kenny, Director of Communications, at

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