March 12, 2009

Nominating Committee Members: Request for recommendations went out on Friday

TO: State Board Chairs /Presidents, Executive Directors, Board of Directors, Board of Accountancy Members and Associates:

On behalf of Nominating Committee Chair, Samuel K. Cotterell, I am sending this request for recommendations for the NASBA Nominating Committee. At this year’s 2009 Regional Meetings, designated voting representatives of states in the Mountain, Southwest, Great Lakes and Northeast regions will elect a member and an alternate member (in the event the member cannot serve or complete his or her term) to serve on the Nominating Committee from 2009-2010. The terms of the NASBA Nominating Committee members are staggered so that half of the Regions hold elections each year.

In accordance with the NASBA Bylaws, a Nominating Committee member may serve two complete terms in succession.

According to the NASBA bylaws, each member and alternate must have (i) served at least two years on a state board of accountancy, (ii) attended at least one NASBA Regional Meeting and one NASBA Annual Meeting and (iii) served on a NASBA committee.

If interested please have your board submit a letter of recommendation and bio, on or before Wednesday, May 20, 2009. These may be submitted electronically or by US Mail to the following;

Attn: Anita Holt
150 4th Avenue, North
Suite 700
Nashville, TN 37219


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