October 28, 2008

1. Introductions

2. Mobility Equation

a. Achieving full mobility through adoption of UAA Section 23

“We are committed to this effort and will not stop until mobility is complete.”

b. Accountancy Licensee Database

“Along with mobility, the next important goal is the expansion of the Accountancy Licensee Database project to all states. The ALD is essential to the ‘no escape’ provisions of mobility.”

c. Confidence in Other States

“Also essential to mobility is confidence of each jurisdiction in the other states’ monitoring compliance assurance.” “We are encouraged by the new AICPA Peer Review standards, scheduled for implementation in 2009… The AICPA Transparency initiatives, now in 12 states look encouraging. We support these efforts to strengthen the Peer Review process.” “We are looking forward to continued progress toward a National Compliance Assurance Review oversight program that will serve the needs of State Boards and add credibility to this very essential program.”

3. Education and Examination

a. High educational standards are critical for entrance into the profession.

b. Need to combine technical foundation with strong ethics component.

c. Offering CPA examination worldwide is a great opportunity.

d. Will continue to dialogue with all players on education issues.

4. New Projects

a. Model State Board Committee – Ellis Dunkum chair

b. Enforcement Practices Committee – Harry Parsons chair

c. Strategic Initiatives Committee and Regulatory Response Committee – Gaylen Hansen and Rick Isserman chairs, to increase responses

d. Global Strategies Committee – Sam Cotterell chair

5. Conclusions

“IFRS issues for private companies, international ethics and education requirements will dominate our professional discourse for the foreseeable future.”

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