As of January 31, 2008 the official comment period on the NASBA Education Committee’s proposed revisions to Uniform Accountancy Act Model Rules 5-1 and 5-2 has ended. Chair Billy M. Atkinson reported approximately 50 comments had been received, and the Education Committee intends to carefully consider each suggestion. This is a sharp contrast to the 178 comments received when the first revisions to these rules was proposed early in 2005. To ensure appropriate input on these rules, the Education Committee worked with a task force including individuals from the state boards, education and accreditation organizations to develop a framework for revision, and then to revise that framework. In February 2007 the Education Committee sponsored a “Joint Panel on Education” to gather additional input from stakeholders, followed by soliciting comments at the June 2007 Regional Meetings. Finally in November 2007 the new exposure draft of the revised rules was released for public comment.The Education Committee is scheduled to meet in mid-March and then bring its final recommendations to the NASBA Board’s April meeting.

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