NASBA: Find positives and success is contagious

Serving as a forum for the 55 boards that regulate the accounting profession across the United States is serious business, but for the employees of NASBA it’s also enjoyable and rewarding. The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy achieves its mission by creating an environment in which everyone can do their best, says President and Chief Executive Officer David Costello. “Ours is a contagious culture,” Costello says. “Our culture promotes the strengths of individuals and does not focus on weaknesses, which everyone has.”

“Culture is the foundation to our style of management and decorum,” he adds. “Our style is based on integrity, value of the individual and the interpersonal relationships of the teams.”

NASBA provides programs and services, researches and analyzes current and emerging trends, facilitates the exchange of information among state boards and builds relationships with organizations that affect the regulation of public accounting.

The group’s culture pays off for clients like the Nebraska State Board of Public Accountancy.

“I have always been impressed with the hard work and friendliness of NASBA employees,” says Dan Sweetwood, executive director of the Nebraska board. “It is no surprise to anyone exposed to the NASBA organization it has been voted as one of the best places to work in Nashville,” Sweetwood says, “Employees of NASBA, from the leadership to frontline, always strike me as approachable and willing to assist member boards when needed.”

Achieving that goal takes sincere commitment by the organization, says Costello. “We spend a lot of time on team building,” he says. “Companywide contests, not just for individuals but for teams.” “NASBA has its own Toastmasters chapter for employees who desire to improve speaking abilities,” Costello adds. “NASBA has lunch and learn opportunities for small groups. Our Human Resources area devotes a significant part of its development budget to team building exercises.”

“Ours is a contagious culture. Our culture promotes the strengths of individuals and does not focus on weaknesses.”

-David Costello, NASBA

Both the employees and the clients benefit from that commitment, says Linda S. Griffith, director of ethics and compliance for KPMG. “By being a great place to work they have created an environment in which their employees can grow and thrive,” Griffith says. “That means happier professionals who are always pleasant to work with and are committed to doing a great job and making NASBA look good in the eyes of their clients.”

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