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Enforcement Newsletter

January 2017

The Accountancy Licensee Database (ALD) and CPAverify are currently housing data from 51 Boards of Accountancy. Two re-implementations resulting from licensing system upgrades are in the final stages of testing (MA and AL) and one re-implementation is in progress (WV). Work continues with the four boards not yet participating in the ALD to establish their data feeds. Wisconsin, among the four, started sending the records of licensees with disciplinary history to the ALD in October 2016. They will work to include the full licensee dataset during 2017 once additional legislation approving full participation has passed.

Also, we continue to work with boards to enhance the data they are sending to the ALD. In late September 2016, the Montana Board of Public Accountants became the first Board to add EINs and Peer Review requirement data to their ALD feed. Mississippi is also working to add these two important data elements to their ALD feed and Wyoming and several other Boards have plans to include them as part of their upcoming re-implementation. Several other Boards, including Alaska, Maryland and Virginia, are working to add disciplinary information.