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NASBA hosts 2011 Regional Meetings

Omaha, Nebraska and Point Clear, Alabama served as the host cities to the 2011 NASBA Western and Eastern Regional Meetings, held June 8-10 and June 22-24, respectively. More than 250 attendees representing a total of 45 state boards and 15 partnering organizations participated in the meetings. Meeting attendees received a warm NASBA welcome by the…

Release of 2009 NASBA Annual Report

November 10, 2009 — NASBA releases its 2009 NASBA Annual Report. Over 250 NASBA volunteers, representing 55 jurisdictions, have diligently served their respective sovereign states and have enhanced a more effective regulatory scheme in the national offices of the PCAOB, the SEC, IRS, FASB and several other entities and agencies having regulatory aspects. Our “Bigger…

FIAR Conference Videos 2008

To watch videos from NASBA’s 2008 Forum of International Accounting Regulators, held in Boston, MA October 29-30, 2008, feel free to visit our Video Gallery in the Media & Resources Center. Click on the International tab within the video gallery to navigate to any of the following: Zhou Presentation 2008Len Jui Presentation 2008Mark Allison Presentation…

2008 Annual Meeting, Bob Bunting, Role of State Regulators in Global Standards Setting

October 29, 2008 Obstacles to Common Standard and Uniform Quality: Competition Sovereignty and national pride Champion Industries Politics Cost and inconvenience Representation Implementation Leading to a lack of collaboration… and yet… See Full Presentation:Role of State Regulators

2008 Annual Meeting, Victor Carter-Bey, Perspectives on the Uniform CPA Examination: Report from Prometric

October 28, 2008 This document contains a presentation given by Victor Carter-Bey, Director/Team Lead of Prometric Financial Services Segment in regards to perspectives on the Uniform CPA Exam. See Full Document:Prometric Report

2008 Annual Meeting, Milton Brown, PCS Report

2008 Annual Meeting This document contains a presentation, given at the 2008 NASBA Regional Meeting, by Milton Brown, Chairman of the PCS Board of Directors. See Full Presentation:PCS Report

2008 Annual Meeting, Damon A. Silvers, Looking Out for Investors in a Global Marketplace

October 27, 2008 LOOKING OUT FOR INVESTORS IN A GLOBAL MARKETPLACE Damon A. Silvers, Esq.AFL-CIO Associate General Counsel NASBA Annual Meeting – October 27, 2008 I. Broad approach to globalization in accounting and auditing — need a strategy for achieving a robust global regime II. Accounting A. Optionality in regimes is a mistake B. Convergence…

2008 Annual Meeting, Todd Nissen, Trade Agreements and the Accounting Profession

October 21, 2008 This presentation, given by Todd Nissen, Office of the United States Trade Representative, discusses Trade Agreements and the Accounting Profession, and why IQAB’s work is critical. See Full Presentation:Trade Agreements and the Accounting Profession

2008 Annual Meeting, Joseph T. Cote, Report on National Examination Preparedness

October 2008 Committee on National Examination Preparedness Recommended in 2006 by Special Examination Issues Task Force (Chair – Sam Cotterell) Began its work in 2007 Charge — Initiate a process to increase the influence of state boards of accountancy and NASBA in the CPA Examination process See Full Presentation:National Exam Preparedness Report

Mobility Update and Discussion, Ken Bishop, 10/1/08

October 1, 2008 Score Card for 2008 28* States with full mobility passed or in place 3 States with quid pro quo mobility 31 States with mobility 2 States with 2008 Bills introduced 34 States have legislation passed or introduced 12 State BOAs have voted to support mobility 47 States in place, introducing Bills, or…