As 2022 legislative sessions are now in full swing, legislatures continue to question the value of occupational and professional licensure. Perhaps Valuing Professional Licensing, a recent report issued by the Alliance for Responsible Professional Licensing (ARPL) — in partnership with the internationally recognized research firm Oxford Economics — can and should be employed to show the value of licensure beyond public protection.

That report found professional licensing is associated with higher wages across all professions and occupations. Women and minorities in particular benefit as a license narrows the gender-driven wage gap by about one-third and the race-driven wage gap by about half. Licensing helps level the playing field by setting a clear, evenly applied level of qualification and removing subjectivity. Licensure is also an important tool that helps build pay equity. 

Input Needed 

To help expand the usage of this report and to educate legislators about the value of licensure beyond public protection, ARPL is looking for examples (proof points) on the benefits of licensing in the accounting profession to reinforce the Oxford findings, especially those pertaining to the benefits of women and persons of color in the profession. Additionally, ARPL is interested in the steps you are taking to enhance diversity, equity and inclusion, or any actions/information to that effect, such as:  

  • Initiatives, partnerships with other organizations, and/or steps in recruitment and expanding the pipeline, etc. 
  • Research, data, marketing materials, testimonials, etc. that speak to the value of licensure for professionals for women and persons of color. 
  • Providing or connecting ARPL with credible spokespersons who would be comfortable talking to media or providing written commentary, such as an op-ed. 

Please provide your input to John Johnson, Director of Legislative and Governmental Affairs, at [email protected] or contact him if you have any questions or need additional information. 

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