Last month, Prometric announced that per changes in government mandates and updated advice from leading health organizations around the world, including the CDC and WHO, as well as guidance from Johns Hopkins University (JHU) epidemiologists and other third-party experts, they are adapting test center polices and training regarding COVID-19. 

Using a phased approach, Prometric went live on Monday, August 2, 2021, with the first phase of this resumption, which included re-enacting processes such as metal detector wanding candidates prior to entering the test room, frequent physical walkthroughs of the test room, and the use of erasable note boards and markers. The resumption of these various touchpoint processes was based on Prometric’s engagements with JHU and data from the CDC and WHO, which demonstrates COVID-19 transmission via touch is exceptionally rare.

In looking to launch the second phase of evolving test center policies, Prometric originally announced they would no longer require fully vaccinated individuals to wear masks in their global test centers, starting September 1, 2021. However, with recent updated guidance and data from the WHO and CDC, Prometric is pausing its mask rollback efforts and will continue to mandate everyone wear masks at their global test centers for the foreseeable future.

Exception: The only exception to the mask mandate rule at this time will be at sites on state universities in states where executive orders prohibit government agencies and institutions of higher education from mandating face coverings or restricting activities on their respective properties in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Candidates will still be allowed to wear masks according to their comfort level at these sites, but masks will not be mandatory.

If a country prohibits private businesses from enforcing mask mandates on government property, Prometric will adhere to such orders and masks will be encouraged, but not mandatory. At this time, Prometric is not aware of any orders prohibiting masks other than those state-specific orders regarding state property identified above.

Website: All candidate resources on will be updated this week to ensure candidates know what to expect. 

Other processes from Phase 2-Septemeber 1: Please note that Prometric will still move forward with the other portion of phase two starting September 1, 2021, which states they will no longer accept IDs that are more than 90 days expired. Prometric will continue to accept IDs that have expired within 90 days of the exam date for the interim.

Prometric’s work has been and will continue to be designed to elevate their testing center procedures to ensure both staff and candidates are safe. Prometric will continue to monitor changes in guidance from both experts and law makers daily to ensure their policies are reflective of this mission.

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