Author: Dina Barabash, Content Development & Web Specialist
Posted: May 18, 2021

Like so many aspiring CPAs, you may be studying for your finals or the CPA Exam. Between the books, notecards, coffees and study-guides, time may be flying by quicker than you realize. However, it is just as important to place a priority on your mental health. Each day, there are small steps that you can take to make sure you are remaining focused on your overall well-being.

In addition to getting plenty of rest, staying hydrated and exercising, it may be beneficial to speak to a professional about any anxiety or tension you may be feeling. Post pandemic, mental health has been a more open conversation, and people are sharing their struggles with the exorbitant amount of change they have seen over this past year. If you feel the need to speak to someone about any concerns or reservations you’ve been having, consider taking advantage of the many resources available to you, including telehealth options.

A key component of good mental health is taking the time to care for yourself. One way to ensure you are taking care of your needs, is by finding time to relax. Some common relaxation techniques include  deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness meditation, and imagery.

Furthermore, now may be time to try something new – like meditation. Researchers think that meditation can improve emotional health because it affects the amygdala, which is a major emotional processing center of your brain. Meditation has several benefits, including controlling stress, lowering anxiety levels and processing information. All of which will be useful whilst you are cramming for your next Exam section or test. 

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