Over the past year, NASBA’s Accountancy Licensee Database (ALD) and public facing CPAverify.org have reached numerous significant milestones. Perhaps the most notable is that the database now stores licensing information from 54 out of the 55 Boards of Accountancy. This milestone came in 2020, after Utah and Delaware both finished implementation of their licensing data into the ALD. This collaborative effort among NASBA and the state boards puts ALD one step closer to the goal of growing the database to 100 percent participation by the 55 accounting jurisdictions.

In addition to adding new jurisdictions to the ALD, several jurisdictions spent time, this past year, enhancing the data they send to the ALD and reimplementing their data as a result of licensing system upgrades. Pennsylvania and Idaho both completed reimplementation in 2020, while Tennessee, Washington, Wyoming, and Vermont are undergoing this process.

ALD also saw an increase in use by state boards as the COVID-19 pandemic left many government staff working remote for an indefinite period. With limited access to printing and mail for board staff and license applicants, many boards have turned to the ALD as a method of license verification in lieu of a physical Interstate Exchange form. This has greatly improved the speed with which boards are able to issue reciprocal licenses and we encourage boards to continue and expand this practice in the future.

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