Author: Jenna Elkins, Communications and Digital Media Specialist
Posted: Jan. 13, 2021

Receiving the prestigious Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license is the golden ticket for so many people around the world. Fulfilling the education requirements and then passing the rigorous CPA Exam opens the door to many higher-level and unique career opportunities that otherwise may be unattainable without the license.

On NASBA social media, CPA Exam candidates and CPAs had the opportunity to answer the question, “Once you have your CPA license, what will you be doing with it to advance your career?” Below, are the responses NASBA received.

  1. I’m aiming for a controller position in the financial services industry. A CPA is required for the position, but beyond that, I’m looking forward to playing a role in helping individuals obtain financial security for themselves and their families.
  2. Right now, I am still a state sales tax auditor and I am working as an expert for Intuit TurboTax for tax season. Eventually, I’d like to be in practice for myself.
  3. I am planning to ask for a raise!
  4. It will be dream come true. I will do the best for the profession and help more people by coaching them.
  5. I will be using mine to become eligible for promotion. I work for a great firm and my dream is to retire from there as a partner.
  6. I plan to use mine to gain a few certifications in forensic accounting and fraud with the dream of being a forensic accountant!
  7. I have been schooling and studying for my CPA license while staying home raising my littles. I plan to start my career when they are school aged!
  8. I earned my license in 2011. I am currently teaching accounting courses at Northwood University in Midland, MI, and inspiring the next generation of CPAs!
  9. I earned my license in 2015 and have since become the CFO for the company I work for.
  10. Since I’ve passed the CPA Exam, I started teaching candidates how to prepare for the exam using the study strategies that worked for me.
  11. I will expand our CPA family business into a firm that is advisory in nature and digitally empowered.

    While each candidate will have their own journey toward becoming a CPA, one thing remains the same – the journey as a whole is a hard one, but one that is worth it. After receiving the CPA license, the career advancement opportunities are endless – the hardest decision may be which path you decide to take!

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