January 22, 2020

NASBA launched the CPE Audit Service with the District of Columbia on Thursday, January 20, 2020.

The accountancy boards of Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Ohio and Tennessee and Virginia are currently participating.

NASBA will work with the North Carolina to launch to their CPAs in the coming weeks.

The CPE Audit Service team can assist with questions and login issues, typically within 2-3 business days.

If a user experiences any issue, we are directing all users to send an e-mail with their issue to cpeauditservice@nasba.org, or use the Contact Us link at the bottom of any page in the application,so that we can assist them most efficiently.

In the communication to us please provide:

• Your name
• Your state of license and license number
• A brief description of the issue.

This information will assist the CPE Audit Service team in responding to you most effectively.

A few common issues from licensees include:

1) You are a CPA in a participating state and did not receive the original communication from your Board regarding account registration. Please provide a request for the registration information along with your state of license and license number.
2) You did not receive the follow up email to set up your original password after registration. Please be sure to check your corporate e-mail policy or personal email Spam filters for an email from donotreply@nasba.org.
3) Webmail providers and organization email policies have made spam filtering more rigorous, so our e-mail may be directed to your Spam folders. Ensure that donotreply@nasba.org is an accepted contact in your corporate email policy or individual e-mail settings, so that e-mails from this address are not blocked.
4) You have already registered your account and need to sign in. Go to the application home page at https://cpeauditservice.nasba.org to sign in with your username and password.
5) You need to update the name or e-mail address that NASBA has for you in the platform. Please navigate to the Jurisdiction Information page for the Update Name and Address Information link for your Board. Once the Board has corrected its information, the changes will update your information in the CPE Audit Service.

NASBA looks forward to serving even more Boards of Accountancy in the coming months.

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