The State Boards are being asked to consider whether NASBA should continue to have two Regional Meetings or one June meeting that would combine all Regions besides the Annual Meeting, which would remain at the end of October. The agenda for the combined meeting would continue to include an extended session for each of the eight Regions to meet on their own, as these single Region sessions have consistently been given high marks by attendees.

Combining the Regional Meetings was proposed by Illinois Board of Examiners Executive Director Russ Friedewald in a note to President Ken Bishop, and brought to the NASBA Board in a special telephonic meeting on May 21. The Board agreed to have Chair Theodore Long and President Bishop present the concept for discussion at the June Regional Meetings.

Over the years, the NASBA Regional Meetings have grown in size, starting out as eight meetings, then condensing to four meetings and now two meetings, always with an Annual Meeting. Also which Regions would meet together has changed. At one point, which Regions would meet together was alternated. In recent years the division has been those Regions in the East meeting together, and those in the West meeting together. When there was alternate pairing of the Regions, attendees said they enjoyed having the opportunity to meet with those from other parts of the country. However, the East/West division allowed for shorter travel to the meetings.

The format of the meetings has also changed over time. At one point there were sessions where two Regions would meet together and share a roll call of states, besides the single Region session. There were also more topical breakout sessions. However, some participants valued spending more time focused on a single Region, and preferred panels presented one time so that everyone heard the same information in the same way. Through all the years, and various formats, the Regional Directors determined the topics to be covered and Chair Long and President Bishop said the Regional Directors would be expected to continue to play that part no matter the number of Regional Meetings decided upon.

As meeting space planning has to be done well in advance of their actual dates, those Boards with an opinion on this issue are asked to send their recommendations to NASBA President Ken Bishop as soon as possible. The next meeting of the NASBA Board of Directors will be on July 20, 2018.

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