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The Missouri State Board of Accountancy has made the Center for the Public Trust’s Ethics Certification program a requirement for licensees disciplined by the State Board for ethics infractions. As other Boards heard from CPT President Alfonzo Alexander during the NASBA Regional Meetings in June, this on-line program can be tailored to a Board’s requirements for reinforcing ethics rules in their jurisdiction.

The program is designed to help participants recognize ethical issues, resolve ethical dilemmas and enhance ethical decision-making. Missouri customized the program with an introduction from its leadership added to three one-hour modules. Those individuals who were assigned to complete the course by the Missouri Board do not receive continuing professional education credit.

Following the Regional Meetings, several Boards expressed interest in the program and the Kansas Board of Accountancy has become the latest to sign on to use it for its discipline cases as well. A fourth module specific to Kansas is being developed in cooperation with the Board. The Board’s Executive Director Susan L. Somers explained that the Board is hoping to be able to use the fourth module not just for those who must complete the program as a result of discipline, but also to offer it to other Kansas licensees who would be able to receive CPE credit.

Boards interested in seeing a demo of the program and finding out more about how it can be used to fit their needs should contact Sydney Shearer at [email protected].

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