October 26, 2010


Earlier this year, I had the privilege to address my Arizona colleagues at the Society Annual Meeting. In introducing me to the audience, the Society’s President, Cindie Hubiak, was given the arduous task of not only telling the audience who I was, but to explain what this organization called the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy was and what it does for the profession.

Just as we have a responsibility to our family and friends, when we committed to represent our profession and our state as a regulator, we assumed as great a responsibility to our communities, and specifically to our clients and to the many businesses that depend on our advice and guidance. That makes us a Big Deal. When accepting the appointment to our State Board, many of us thought that we will at least have another nice entry on our resume. However, it doesn’t take very long before we realize the awesome responsibility we have, to the public and the individual professional. We have the responsibility to regulate rigorously and fairly. Furthermore, we are not serving the public, if we are imposing unfair or inconsistent enforcement of the statutes, rules, and standards. And we are not serving the professional, whose career and livelihood may be at stake. We must stand up, recognize that we are a Big Deal and be judicious with our authority, as well as, our responsibilities.

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Inaugural Speech

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